Why Biome?

Focus & Expertise | Technology | Unique Model

Focus & Expertise

  • Most analytic solutions focus on Administrator-users where Biome Analytics’ focus is on enabling those underserved segments that are most able to affect positive change – the full-time practicing physicians.
  • We specialize because cardiovascular care  is unique and generalized tools and analytics have failed to engage and align clinicians and administrators.
  • Biome’s methodology facilitates performance improvement by showing physicians exactly where they deviate from their peers, creating a team-based culture of peer-to-peer learning, as well as a sense of personal ownership for their performance indicator improvements (PI2).
  • Clients rely on our experience to rapidly assess the impact of emerging therapies, contracting opportunities, and accelerate performance improvement.
  • Our applications enable hospitals to reduce readmission, bleeding-event rates, and increase the number of same-day discharges. More…


  • Disease-specific performance data marts that integrate client cost accounting and clinical data.
  • Machine Learning-based performance assessment engine that continuously identifies high-value clinical and financial opportunities.
  • Community-driven performance library containing clinical and financial measures, benchmarks, and performance initiatives.
  • We’re continually developing techniques for the use of an emerging class of data science known as multi-integer programming to power our analytics and benchmarks. More…

Unique Model

  • We focus on value – not software licenses or billable services.
  • Our fees are fixed, predictable, and justifiable.
  • No friction – we adapt to your requirements.
  • The Biome approach allows the user to control their change processes. More…