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Our mission is to help cardiovascular clinicians and health systems continuously deliver the best possible care, to the most patients, at the lowest cost.

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Biome partners with ambitious enterprise heart centers and cardiovascular teams looking to achieve superior clinical and financial performance.

Clients rely on our AI-powered platform, human enabled technology, and community-driven knowledge network to engage physicians, align teams, and accelerate clinical and financial performance.  Within days of onboarding, clients gain actionable insights with minimal impact on IT.  Based in San Francisco, with offices in Chicago and New York, the UCSF Digital Health awards recognized Biome as a “Top 10 Best Patient Cost Savings” solution.

How can Biome help you?

By leveraging our machine-driven, human enable solutions, we help our clients identify more patients, serve them at the lowest cost, and maximize their contribution margin. By delivering precision insights, we engage clinicians, help them practice at the top of their license, reduce burn-out, and align teams around goals that place them at the top of national rankings.

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Empower clinicians to draw insights from their peers, understand the direct cost of care, and practice at top of license.

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Enable administrators to align operations to grow market footprint, reduce costs, combat burnout, and foster a culture of high-performance care.

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Assist leadership in identifying underserved patient populations, enhancing contribution margins, and attracting both payers and patients through superior outcomes.

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Health IT

Support Health IT teams in harnessing clinical expertise, optimizing data investments, and showcasing rapid return on investment 

Expert Leadership

Stuart Jacobson
Stuart Jacobson Chief Executive Officer, Chairman
Rakan Khaki
Rakan Khaki, MPH Chief Operating Officer
Skye Lawrence
Skye Lawrence Chief Product Officer
Seth Glickman Chief Technology Officer
Stephen Hiscott Chief Growth Officer
Jeff Luck
Jeff Luck, MBA, PhD Chief Scientist
Amber Pawlikowski, RN, MSN, CPHQ Vice President of Performance Improvement
Matthew Esham Vice President of Analytics
Khalid Latif
Khalid Latif, PhD Vice President, Research and Development
Faheem Hussain Vice President, Front End Engineering
Salman Bashir
Salman Bashir Director Platform
Mubbashir Khaliq
Mubbashir Khaliq Director Applications
Casey Stanfield Senior Data Engineer
Ally Miley Technical Product Manager
Syed Abdullah Data Engineering Manager
Elsa Mersereau Performance Improvement Consultant
Ashishdeep Sandhu, MLS(ASCP)CM Clinical Analytics Project Manager
Earass Ahmed Data Engineer


Jim Andrews
Jim Andrews
Richard Campione
Richard Campione
Stuart Jacobson
Stuart Jacobson
Jeff Luck
Jeff Luck
Eric Marton
Eric Marton
Greg Wajnowski
Greg Wajnowski


Matthew Cooper
Matthew Cooper, MD, MBA, FACS, FCAMA Chief Medical Officer, MSD & Global Director of Safety, HCBG 3M Health Care
Vince Gaudiani
Vince Gaudiani, MD Cardiac Surgeon
Jeff Meadows
Jeff Meadows, MD Pediatric Cardiologist
Adullah Omar
Adullah Omar, MD Electrophysiologist
Karen Rago
Karen Rago, RN, MPA Consultant
Joel Skylar
Joel Skylar, MD Cardiologist
David Brian Ward
David Brian Ward Advisor

Trusted Partner

We serve as a trusted partner to the nation’s leading hospitals, enterprise heart centers, and cardiovascular teams.

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