Precision Performance Applications.

Clinical performance applications for your cardiovascular service line.

Biome powers your team with a suite of targeted performance applications for each of your cardiovascular programs.

  • Biome Cardiac Surgery
  • Biome Electrophysiology
  • Biome Congenital Heart
  • Biome Interventional Cardiology
  • Biome Vascular Surgery
  • Biome Structural Heart
  • Biome Stroke
  • Biome Heart Failure
  • More…

Cardiovascular performance applications that help doctors and hospitals do their best work.

Our innovative suite of cardiovascular performance applications utilizes advanced machine learning and proven processes to leverage your clinical and financial data.

Engage doctors, align care teams, improve outcomes, attract new patients and payors, and improve your national rankings.

We’ve helped hundreds of industry-leading doctors, hospitals and health systems save millions. Let us help you, so you can focus on what you do best.

Better outcomes, lower costs, faster improvement – at a fraction of the cost.

It doesn’t take long for us to help medical and administrative leadership (Dyads) identify and prioritize high-impact opportunities.

Clients learn very quickly the power of our cardiovascular performance applications when combined with our community-driven Biome Knowledge Network™, Biome Opportunity Engine™ and Biome Performance Manager™.

Learn how to seamlessly leverage precision measures, risk cohorts, and peer benchmarks; and then generate keen insights you can use to accelerate improvement, foster learning and collaboration, and drive outcomes that could add millions to your contribution margin.

Human-Enabled Processes.

Where you are. When you need us.

Our team of clinical analysts meets you where you are and stays with you as a force multiplier. We integrate your data with the best thinking of our clients to deliver a stream of machine-driven performance insights that allow you to be at your best.

When you’re with Biome we adapt our human enabled management process to your unique needs. This process helps you continuously measure performance, align teams, set priorities, and drive your clinical and financial improvement agenda.

Technology that Drives Performance.

You don’t just create trust and transparency.
You earn it.

High performance care is a team sport and high performing teams align around trusted data and insight. That is why, at the “heart” of our solution, we build the most advanced, and continuously evolving network of cardiovascular measures, cohorts, benchmarks, and best practice templates – developed by our community of industry leading clients, advisors and data scientists.

The Biome Knowledge Network™ builds trust by providing transparency. Clients see where their data comes from, how we transform it, and how we activate it using proprietary algorithms and clinically-relevant, condition targeted analytics.

Call us, we would love to share our work.

Focus on what matters most.

Any improvement effort requires you first understand the underlying root causes, and subsequent opportunities, that impact performance.

The Biome Opportunity Engine™ employs advanced machine learning and a proprietary library of performance measures to automatically identify root causes and rank the clinical and financial opportunities with the greatest potential impact on each cardiovascular program.

The result is a precise plan-of-action – including recommendations, insights and proven best practices – to help clinical and administrative leaders focus on activities with the greatest impact on success.

Accelerate Improvement. Sustain Gains.

What good is advanced data science or elaborate performance plans if it takes forever to implement, costs a lot to manage, and can’t be clinically defended?

Biome Performance Manager™ lets your team build upon the experience of our industry leading clients to accelerate improvement, manage more initiatives at a lower cost, and institutionalizes best practice delivery using clinically defensible evidence based on their data.

Using guided workflows, clients reduce the complexity of deploying and tracking initiatives, with different clinical measures and targets in each sub-specialty, across multiple hospitals. Using precision tracking and proprietary algorithms, we detect unforeseen shifts and provide the insight teams need to manage clinically-driven risk in value-based contracts and competitive clinical and financial rankings.

Learn how to improve the performance of your cardiovascular service line.