Engage and Align Clinical
Teams with Trusted Insight

Achieve Superior Clinical
and Financial Outcomes

Reduce Cost and
Unnecessary Variation

Accelerate Clinical and
Financial Improvement

Activate Your Cardiovascular Data


Leverage deep cardiovascular performance intelligence across lines of service to deliver the best care, to the most patients, at the lowest cost.

Real Time. Real Results.

Reduction in PCI bleeding event rate

Increase in “profit”

Improvement same day discharge

Reduction in variation

Direct cost savings

The Biome Difference.

Advanced Machine Learning
Continuously identify and rank high-impact performance drivers

Community-Driven Performance Library
Measures, benchmarks, risk scores, and
best practice

Precision Clinical/Financial Data marts
For each cardiovascular clinical program

Performance Lifecycle Management
For a clinical program, service lines,
health system

Unparalleled Insights
For physicians, programs, service lines, health system

Proven Expertise
Personalized insights from clinical analysts
and data scientists

Human Driven. Machine Enabled.

Biome Performance Applications

Empower and enable your teams with a suite of targeted performance applications for each of your cardiovascular programs. Our proprietary solutions have helped hundreds of industry-leading doctors, hospitals and health systems save millions.

Biome Data Pipeline

On premise or in the cloud, we enrich and extend your data warehouse with the most advanced clinical and financial performance data marts for each of your cardiovascular programs.

Biome Knowledge Network

Connecting tens of thousands of clinical and financial measures, metadata, benchmarks, transform rules, decision trees and predictive algorithms into a proprietary ontology that informs clinical and financial assessment, root cause guidance, and care delivery optimization.

Biome Opportunity Engine

Proprietary machine learning and heuristic decision trees evaluate and score your clinical and financial performance and automatically identify, rank, and profile root-cause performance measures, cohorts, and care teams that have the greatest impact on quality, cost and variation.

Biome Performance Manager

We automate, accelerate, and lower the cost of your performance improvement lifecycle while continuously monitoring key clinical and financial measures to ensure hard fought gains are actualized over time.

Align Teams and Accelerate Improvement.


Gain insight into clinical and financial performance


Align teams around clinical and financial targets


Identify opportunities that impact success

For IT

Maximize investments in data and analytics

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