Unnecessary variation in healthcare critically diminishes overall safety and quality of care and is linked directly to increased waste and unsustainable resource costs associated with care delivery.

Unaddressed, improvement efforts to responsibly and continuously improve safety, quality, and patient outcome targets while controlling costs will remain out of reach. More…


Biome engineers the applications, builds the data, and delivers the analytic insights that doctors and hospitals need to provide optimal cardiovascular (CV) disease care.

Biome’s machine-driven, human-enabled solutions combine clinical and financial data with a community-driven library of clinically relevant benchmarks, risk, and performance measures. More…


To help doctors and hospitals leverage evidence-based insights to enable continual quality improvements for cardiovascular patient outcomes while controlling costs. More…


At Biome, our vision is to be your cardiovascular analytics solution provider of choice. Biome will be widely known for providing accurate, evidence-based insights enabling organizational alignment, data-informed decision-making, and accelerated transformation of hospital administrative, physician, processes, procedures and performance (P4) to achieve world-class healthcare delivery with safety, quality, and financial growth. More…


Most analytic solutions currently available focus primarily on Healthcare Administrator-users and identification of areas for improvements they are measured on such as cost of services delivery versus outcomes, but don’t tell you where to focus to improve, lead change, and compete at the highest level of performance in the market. We first focus on enabling those underserved segments that are most able to affect positive, measurable, and sustainable change – the full-time practicing surgeons and physicians. At Biome, we empower cardiovascular physicians by providing trusted insights that reveal practice opportunities where they can directly and positively impact their clinical and financial performance. More…



  • We specialize because cardiovascular care is unique and generalized tools and analytics have failed to engage and align clinicians.
  • Our applications enable hospitals to reduce readmissions, bleeding-event rates, and increase the number of same-day discharges.
  • Clients rely on our experience to rapidly assess the impact of emerging therapies and contracting opportunities, and accelerate improvement.
  • Disease-specific performance data marts that integrate client cost accounting and clinical data.
  • ML-based performance assessment engine that continuously identifies high-value clinical and financial opportunities.
  • Community-driven performance library containing clinical and financial measures, benchmarks, and performance initiatives.
  • We focus on value – not software licenses or billable services.
  • Our fees are fixed, predictable, and justifiable.
  • No friction – we adapt to your requirements.