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Analytic applications that help cardiovascular
teams do their best work

Our Solution


The rules of healthcare are changing.  The “new normal” is being defined by vast quantities of new data, “Value Based Care,” and publically reported outcomes ranking.  The stakes are especially high for hospitals that rely on high revenue and high margin cardiovascular services.  Hospitals that invest to leverage their rising tide of data to drive higher quality and better patient satisfaction at a lower cost will be rewarded with volume and thrive in the rapidly changing market – the time to care is now.


Biome helps forward thinking hospitals profitably transition and thrive in the new world of healthcare.  We fuse multiple different data sources and leverage deep libraries of clinical performance measures and data visualizations to reveal the often unseen drivers of cost and quality.  Clients rely on Biome applications to align clinical teams and provide them with the trusted data they need to deliver the best possible care at the lowest cost.

What We Do


Physicians have the greatest impact on clinical quality and the cost of care. The stakes are high when asking them to change clinical practice or process. Engaging them in performance driven change requires compelling evidence based on trusted data and measures. Biome lowers this threshold by combining clinical data that is already trusted with actual cost data and targeted measures that have been battle tested by heart centers across the country.


Biome clients gain access to a deep and continuously evolving library of measures, algorithms, and visualizations that deliver clinicians the insight they need to focus on, and improve the practices, processes and costs that have the greatest impact on value.  The Biome Library represents the best thinking of Biome and our clients.  Clinical teams rely on Biome for the data-driven insight they need to be their best ad their most important job.


Clinician engagement is the most important factor in sustained performance improvement.  Biome catalyzes improvement initiatives by engaging clinicians with personalized dashboards and a continuous stream of insights into their drivers of quality and cost.  Using NCDR, STS, and Biome risk stratification methods. clinicians isolate outliers, cohort their patient populations, and benchmark outcomes to learn from their peers.


High performance care is a “team sport”.  Reliable delivery of high value care in the new world of healthcare demands fundamentally new levels of alignment among clinical teams and with administrative colleagues.  Biome provides the common clinical and financial fact base which teams need to can collaboratively set and manage personal and team focused performance goals.


Managing clinical performance is a continuous and adaptive process that requires setting goals, measuring progress, and adapting to changes in technologies, medications, and practice. Biome helps clients coordinate individual and team objectives, track the effectiveness of improvement initiatives, and enables durable and adaptive clinical transformation.

Clinical Focus

  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Percutaneous Coronary Interevention
  • Cardiac Rhythm Management & Ablation
  • Peripheral Vascular Intervention
  • Transcatheter Valve Replacement
  • Congenital Heart Disease

Our Products

  • Machine driven algorithms automatically identify and quantify opportunities.
  • Focus on the clinical and financial drivers with the greatest impact on outcomes.
  • Leverage a community-driven library of measures to methods to stay current.
  • Build trust in data and reveal the patients and practice that drive outcomes.
  • Benchmark performance and predict the impact of improvements.
  • Tell the market the evidence based performance story you want them to hear.
  • Align teams using clinically and financially relevant measures and track  improvement
  • Establish individual and team targets, drive engagement with clinician benchmarks.
  • Manage change in practice while keeping a light shining on hard fought gains.


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