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Biome introduces next generation cardiovascular performance solution 

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The Biome Opportunity Engine™ leverages advanced machine learning to automatically identify and prioritize clinical and financial performance opportunities with the greatest impact on outcomes.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, March 30, 2022 – Biome Analytics, the leading cardiovascular performance company, is pleased to introduce the Biome Opportunity Engine™.  This groundbreaking solution enables cardiovascular service lines, at individual hospitals and health systems, to prioritize hundreds of improvement initiatives to lower cost, accelerate financial performance, and improve care.

“The COVID pandemic forced many patients to delay care,” said Stuart Jacobson, CEO and founder of Biome Analytics. “Health systems are returning to pre-pandemic volumes, except now patients are presenting with advanced disease and treating them is more costly.” 

Now more than ever, enterprise heart centers need to reliably deliver high-performance and high-margin cardiovascular care; that means focusing scarce resources on the improvement opportunities with the greatest clinical and financial impact.  

Stuart continued, “We are proud to offer our clients the Biome Opportunity Engine, the first in a series of next generation performance solutions that help cardiovascular centers accelerate improvement and deliver the best care, to the most patients, at the lowest cost.”  

The Biome Opportunity Engine combines a deep library of clinically relevant measures, cohorts, and benchmarks with cardiovascular subspecialty specific machine learning methods to continuously identify, profile, and rank root-cause performance drivers. Heart centers leverage this technology to align teams, set performance targets, create precise plans-of-action, and drive improvement. 

In less than two weeks upon implementation, Biome’s clients can start charting a path to their strategic clinical and financial performance goals. 

Proven results: at one early client, the Biome Opportunity Engine helped an academic health system identify and realize quality and cost savings opportunities in each cardiovascular sub-specialty, leading to a reduction in direct cost of more than $30 million, all whilst improving national rankings.

“Our Biome Opportunity Engine helped this health system align teams, establish systemwide best practices, and drive targeted improvement initiatives that addressed opportunities unique to each heart center’s patient population” says Skye Lawrence, vice president, products.

For more information about the Biome Opportunity Engine, download the data sheet. To schedule a demo, visit www.biome.io

About Biome Analytics

Biome (www.biome.io) is the leading cardiovascular performance company dedicated to helping doctors and health systems deliver the best care, to the most patients, at the lowest cost. We partner with ambitious enterprise heart centers and cardiovascular teams looking to achieve superior clinical and financial performance. Clients rely on our proprietary machine learning, human-enabled technology, and our community-driven knowledge network to activate their data assets, engage physicians, and accelerate performance improvement. Within days of onboarding, clients gain actionable insights with minimal impact on IT resources. Based in San Francisco, with offices in Chicago and New York, the UCSF Digital Health awards recognized Biome as a “Top 10 Best Patient Cost Savings” solution.

Contact: Stuart Jacobson, CEO & Chairman
Phone: 628-225-1101
Email: stuart@biome.io

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