Our Process

Trust  |  Assess  |  Engage Align Perform Gain Sustain

Trusted Data

We start by building a trusted clinical and financial fact base for each cardiovascular program using data from our clients’ registries, EMRs, PACs, CVIS and cost accounting systems.

Assess for High-Impact Opportunities

Our team leverages machine-learning models and proprietary risk algorithms to identify high-impact clinical and financial opportunities within each cardiovascular program for individual doctors, clinical chiefs, service lines, and health systems.

Frequently, the client’s data identifies immediate opportunities for improvements which would positively impact patient outcomes and cost-avoidance. Then we help you manage risks enabling optimal patient care delivery and vastly improved clinical outcomes. We’re continually developing techniques for the use of an emerging class of data science known as multi-integer programming to power our analytics and benchmarks.

Clinician Engagement

Physician-users will appreciate the way Biome’s proprietary machine learning models identify only the most impactful opportunities, enabling them to laser-focus on the most tangible improvements that have the greatest return on identified outcome measures. Biome builds trust in our data and engage practitioners with clinically relevant cohorts, risk-adjustment methods, and we benchmark your top-performing physician leaders and compare peer performance data based on insights into clinical and financial performance drivers. Physicians with lagging indicators, deviations, or variance from the evidence-based best practices of their peers receive intervention information and peer assistance to align their practices with physician leader practices, improving clinical outcomes significantly within the first 30 days. Biome provides clients the opportunity to ‘do no harm’ clinically as well as financially, both incredibly important for success in the new value-based care environments. The culture within client organizations transforms through the development of leadership at all levels and is foundational to the future of ongoing performance excellence throughout the continuum of care.

Aligned Teams

Relationships between the physicians and quality control/performance improvement (QC/PI) departments can be highly charged at times, as though they are opponents instead of sharing a vision for patient and financial outcomes. Biome provides evidence-based data to show what physicians are describing during procedures to help elevate the dialogue with QC/PI administrators. Biome’s professional services team and data analysts deliver the client’s data progress reports to the PI group and other quality teams for review.

Then, Biome brings the physicians and QC/PI teams together to engage in directed communications about the data present within their patient cohorts. During this time, Biome assists teams in aligning financial incentives for physicians and administrators by sharing the vision of how data measures can be used to optimize their cohesive delivery of clinically and financially excellent care for the identified cohort. Biome helps healthcare organizations identify opportunities where performance gaps exist and the clinical and administrative level, then prioritize improvement opportunities that provide the highest gain, and eliminate clinical and administrative variations in their pursuit of world-class care delivery. Clinical and administrative leadership then collaborate to identify intervention opportunities for quality, cost, and national rankings, define improvement priorities, and set clinical and financial targets.

Drive Performance

Biome’s methodology facilitates performance improvement by showing physicians exactly where they deviate from their peers, creating a team-based culture of peer-to-peer learning, as well as a sense of personal ownership for their performance indicator improvements (PI2). Biome develops multi-method client workflows to accelerate improvements by allowing examination of analytics/benchmarks at multiple levels of granularity and using different lenses along the continuum of care including, but not limited to the patient, line of service, physician, practice, and procedure. Biome assists in standardizing your procedures and systems of care that are already achieving the best outcomes for your organization based upon your leading physician’s performance indicators (P2I).

The Biome Analytics solution provides granularity of detail down to the task level, making process measurement, management, and behavioral change manageable by the physician-users. Biome also collaborates to develop and implement change management initiatives that drive engagement and physician-user adoption and works with client organizations to operationalize the plans and achieve the results, with Biome providing the analytics and project support where needed. When changes are implemented, bottom-line revenues are reflected almost immediately.

Realize Gains

Clients leverage Biome’s applications and community-driven library of improvement templates, measures, and analytics to implement performance initiatives and track results to ensure sustainable gains in the adoption of best practices.

When our clients improve patient care, they improve significantly across multiple outcome measurements not limited to:

  • Patient Experience of Care
  • Population Health Improvement
  • Per Capita Cost of Healthcare Reduction
  • Clinician and Staff Retention Rates

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So then does our client’s reputation for providing excellent quality of care. Very often, they begin to consistently exceed regional market standards. As a result, Biome Analytics’ client organizations experience an increase of new patients seeking cardiovascular or other healthcare programs, services, or treatment in their respective regions and areas of specialization. Assess Your Performance

Sustain Excellence

Biome helps physician leader and hospital systems sustain excellence using clinical data analytics identifying the cause(s) of variations that happen within their practices then identifies client’s best practices which already deliver performance excellence across the care continuum and are fiscally beneficial to the organization overall. Biome enables the client to utilize benchmarking data to review insights, sustain care delivery excellence, and continually improve their performance compared to peer best-in-class physician performers inside and outside their hospital system or specialized/specialty service.

Biome can continue to analyze risks, provide accurate and clear reporting, and assists in development of future performance improvement, change management, and risk mitigation strategies across clinical and administrative people, processes, practices, and procedures (P4) to further reduce variations where possible.