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Day of Discharge Does Not Impact Hospital Readmission After Major Cardiac Surgery

Authors: Yas Sanaiha, MD, Ryan Ou, BS, Gianna Ramos, BS, Yen-Yi Juo, MD, MPH, Richard J. Shemin, MD, and Peyman Benharash, MD

Hospitals: Cardiac Outcomes Research Laboratory (CORELAB), Division of Cardiac Surgery, David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Published on: July 30, 2018
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Influence of an Electronic Medical Record Based Bleeding Risk Calculator on Bleeding Events, Readmissions and Cost Following Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Authors: Joseph Ebinger, Steven Tabak, Yaron Elad, Katherine Gurvitz, Shivani Patel, Christopher Simon, Timothy D. Henry

Hospital: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

Published on:  March 20, 2018
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Are non-emergent cardiac operations performed during off-time associated with worse outcome?

Authors: Ryan Ou, BS, Gianna Ramos, BS, Cayley Bowles, MS, Yen-Yi Juo, MD, Richard J. Shemin, MD, Peyman Benharash, MD

Hospital: Division of Cardiac Surgery, Department of Surgery, David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles, CA

Published on: June 19, 2017
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Improved costs and outcomes with conscious sedation vs general anesthesia in TAVR patients: Time to wake up?

Authors: William Toppen1, Daniel Johansen2, Sohail Sareh2 , Josue Fernandez2, Nancy Satou2, Komal D. Patel3, Murray Kwon2, William Suh4, Olcay Aksoy4, Richard J. Shemin2, Peyman Benharash2

Hospitals: 1 UCLA Department of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA, 2 UCLA Division of Cardiac Surgery, Los Angeles, CA, 3 UCLA Department of Anesthesia and Preoperative Medicine, Los Angeles, CA, 4 UCLA Division of Cardiology, Los Angeles, CA

Published on: April 5, 2017
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