About Us

Our History

Biome gives physician users the tool to unearth the most high-impact savings opportunities, get all stakeholders on the same page using validated, trusted models, and improve your contribution margin quickly. The Biome solution presents valuable, signal-driven insights from blended clinical, administrative, and cost data.  Explore hypotheses with our granular, actionable 200+ CV-performance specific analytics library:  slice and dice at the physician, device, drug, facility, and process level, among other views.  Finally, users are empowered to make cost-effective decisions at the point of care without compromising clinical care quality or adding to their cognitive overhead.

Our team of data scientists, engineers, and clinical experts came together 5 years ago with the common goal of providing doctors and hospitals with the precision insight they need to deliver better care at a lower cost to the 26.6 million Americans with heart and vascular disease.

We founded Biome with the guiding belief that:

  • Every clinician wants to deliver the best possible care;
  • When they have trusted actionable insight they will self-optimize.


Today, our solutions combine machine learning technologies with human-driven insights to help hospitals and doctors at leading heart centers be their best.